About me

I am a Lecturer in Linguistics and Programme Leader of the Postgraduate Linguistics Network at Manchester Metropolitan University. My professional philosophy is underpinned by a commitment to rationality, freedom of expression and pluralism. As a teacher, I encourage critical thinking through connecting personal experience with theory and evidence. By questioning our own assumptions, experiences and behaviours, we can more critically and rationally engage with the social world for better ends.

My research explores the relationship between (digital) media, communication and culture. More specifically, I use a combination of corpus linguistics, critical discourse studies and cultural political economy to explore antagonistic contexts. In so doing, I seek to promote pluralism over authoritarianism for social development and cohesion. I contend that it is necessary to meaningfully consider competing perspectives in order to bring about lasting social change. Thus, we must have access to dissenting opinion and contradictory evidence if we are to rationally conclude that a course of action is genuinely a social good.



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